Maintenance is advised on any ring, bead or locking method around 10-12 weeks after fitting. It is recommended to carry out the procedure over 2 appointments; during the first appointment your extensions will be removed taking no more than half an hour (very rare that it can take any longer!). A second appointment can then be made whenever the customer may wish, a minimum of 48 hours is recommended to give your hair a healthy break. During this time it gives the customer an opportunity to have a root touch up and perhaps a trim, it also gives the opportunity for the bonds to be touched up in preparation for the re fit by our specialist

During the second appointment the extensions are re fitted the exact same way as when they were first applied. This is important to keep the bonds up near the root where the natural hair is at its strongest and thickest. The extensions will now look and feel exactly as they did 10-12 weeks prior.




When the extensions are first applied, each strand is added to a certain thickness of the customers own hair. There is a science behind this selection and it is important to ensure an even distribution of weight. As we lose 100-200 strands of hair a day, some of these lost hairs will be within the chosen selection to attach an extension bond to. Over the 10-12 weeks this selection of hair will have become thinner and therefore, weaker. It is important to keep on top of maintenance appointments to keep your own hair thick and strong at the bonds, the break in-between the 2 appointments is also important to allow your own hair ‘breathing time’.




Matting can be caused by a number of factors but all those factors lead to the same conclusion; not following the correct aftercare guidance and leaving it longer than the recommended 10-12 weeks between appointments. If matting occurs, you need maintenance ASAP. Although matting can removed successfully, it is still inevitable that some element of breakage will occur so avoid it at all costs and if some does occur then it is important to book in for maintenance at the earliest opportunity.




Maintenance is £1.50/£2.00 per strand, so the total all depends on how many strands you have for the re fit. A minimum deposit of 50% will be taken on the day you have them removed, this secures your re fit appointment with us. Any colour work is extra charge (see price list). It is a good idea to have colour work done inbetween your 2 appointments.

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Maintenance for extensions...