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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are taking over the hairdressing industry! From celebrities changing their look dramatically from one day to the next leaves some of us puzzled!

Some of us aren't genetically blessed with mermaid luxurious locks, this is where hair extensions come into play


For years celebrities have been adding hair pieces and extensions without saying a word, making us wonder why our hair isn't as voluminous as Cheryl Cole’s, or as silky smooth as Kim Kardashian's. But the secret is out, luckily for us it's now being talked about more than ever in celebrity endorsements, interviews and reality shows.

Our team of hair extension specialists here at hair or makeup have gone the extra mile, instead of settling for a basic standard extension course, we have upgraded and have been taught by Shane O'Sullivan himself, director of the well known brand Easilocks.

Our extensions are 100% human hair, also guaranteeing no damage to your natural hair as they use no heat, no glue, and no sewing.

Have a look around our website to see exclusive

images and information.

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