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Makeup Services

Whatever the occasion, weather it's for daytime glamour, vintage, fancy dress, dance floor or bridal sophisitcation, the makeup experience haralds a long overdue return to glamour and perfection.

Our unique salon offers you the opporunity to have it creasted by our makeup artisist.

We provide Air-brushing technique for a tailored despoke look, or one-to-one makeup lessons taught by Allison Sing herself.


You will pick up lots of tips from having your makeup applied by us, from which foundation is best suitable, to applying eyelashes, to knowing what brushes to use.

If you're ready for your transformation then we are just a phone call away.

Our professional makeup service starts at just £25, however to get an exact quote contact us and we can provide you with a price on consultation.

We don't provide just one brand of makeup, we work with a range of products so we are able to customise it to each client and pick only the best of each product!

Some of the brands we use are...






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